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What is a BassTrunkie?

Bass Trunkies is an environmentally friendly British company that specialises in producing stylish, rechargeable,portable speakers. We take great pride in creating designs from vintage cases that incorporate rare hard to find speakers.Each Bass Trunkie suitcase speaker is unique and handcrafted making them truly one of a kind. Every aspect from design, aesthetics and audio quality is considered ensuring each unit sounds and looks amazing.

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What comes with a Basstrunkie?

All Bass Trunkie suitcase speakers come with bluetooth connectivity ,digital amplifier, rechargeable battery that lasts 12 hours from charge,aswell as 12 month warranty and charger.

Why choose a Basstrunkie?

There are lots of normal portable speakers out there to choose from,but would you rather have a cheap plastic looking,unattractive speaker system or a functional piece of art that excels in all areas,judge for yourself.All basstrunkies offer the following options that the average high street speaker doesn’t.

  • rechargeable battery with over 12 hours life
  • upto 100 watts of power (louder)
  • hand crafted stylish design
  • makes your friends envious
  • customise your own option
  • prompt customer service and advice
  • various optional extra’s-usb charging port,battery indicator etc




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